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Glorified Fitness Incorporated (GFI) is a way to REACH THE UNREACHABLE. The scope of this concept is as wide or as narrow as an individual wants it to be. For some, it could mean getting into shape and finally being able to bend over and reach their toes. For others, it can mean striving to attain a 4.0 GPA. Even others may use it to describe their efforts to reach the next level in God. Whatever the case may be, GFI can help you REACH THE UNREACHABLE. 


It is the vision of Glorified Fitness Incorporated (GFI) to enhance the quality of life for its members and future members by helping them improve their health, to reduce school dropout rates by providing tutoring for all ages, to foster a sense of community by involving nearby neighborhoods in the services we offer, and to promote a way of thinking that enables anyone to believe they too can REACH THE UNREACHABLE.


It is the mission of Glorified Fitness Incorporated (GFI) to encourage and equip its members to REACH THE UNREACHABLE. This pertains to fitness goals, educational goals, spiritual goals, and life in general. GFI recognizes that to REACH THE UNREACHABLE, the mindset must be transformed first and foremost. Whatever you THINK you can do, will be your limitation. GFI is on a mission to change the way you think about yourself and your situation. To assist with this transition, GFI will incorporate faith-based methods that will inspire, encourage, and guarantee results. With GFI, you CAN reach the unreachable.  

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Glorified Fitness Incorporated

Moving soon to 1930 Schrock Road, Columbus, Columbus, OH 43229

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