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May Flowers and Fitness for Spring!

New and revived flowers are not the only thing springing up in May! Get a spring in your step with a fitness membership to revive your health! 20% Discounts for the first 50 new fitness memberships sold in the month of May. Mention PROMO Code SPRING!

Mother’s Day Discounts!

We are celebrating MOMS the whole month of May! Check out all the ways we are celebrating Moms who want better health:

  1. The first 50 Moms who sign up with a teen can get an accompanying Teen membership for half off ($15 value).
  2. Moms who sign up with a teen before Mother’s Day can get an accompanying Teen Membership for FREE ($30 value), with additional Teen memberships being half off ($15 value).
  3. The first 50 Moms who purchase any fitness membership can get 2 free Tutoring sessions for the month for K-12 students ($20 value).
  4. Moms who purchase a Regular Adult fitness membership in the month of May without an accompanying child service can get 20% off the regular price ($10 value).
  5. More savings are available when Moms purchase an Annual Membership! Call us for details!

Mention PROMO Code MOM2022!

Memorial Day Discounts!

We want to remember those who have fallen, and honor those who remain with deals for all veterans, military personnel, and emergency service workers (police, fire, ambulance) and deals for immediate family members who join (spouse, parent, child, grandparent, grandchild). Check out all of the ways to save:

  1. $10 off our monthly Veteran Membership (regular price is $35 per month)
  2. $100 off our Annual Veteran Membership (regular price is $378 per year)
  3. Veterans or immediate Family Members of a Veteran (as described above) who purchase a Veteran Membership by Memorial Day can receive an accompanying Teen Membership for FREE.

Mention Promo Code VETS2022

The Perfect Gift! Send someone an eGift Card to use at GFI!

Click HERE to send the perfect card! Give the gift of Holistic Fitness! eGift cards can also be purchased in person at GFI. For a limited time, you can purchase gift cards for 10% off and use them for even more discounts!

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