Mental Fitness

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GFI is ready to help you REACH THE UNREACHABLE with your Mental Fitness. Because we are dedicated to education as well as physical fitness, we have a Learning Center that will enhance the minds of students of all ages, including primary and secondary school students, as well as adult learners.

Quality Tutoring is available for grades K-12 and beyond! We have in-person and online learning available in any subject area for any student level. Students have an option to learn in individual or group sessions.

Weekend Workshops are available to help prepare teens for adulthood and empower adults to effectively navigate and excel in today’s society and marketplace. Family sessions will strengthen family bonds as parents and children learn to live and work together while having loads of fun doing it!

Our Learning Center is open to children aged 5 to 12 to enjoy our educational materials and activities while their parents are enjoying a good workout in the Fitness Center, or while they are being empowered in a Weekend Workshop. Whether an adult or a child, you can strengthen your mind while seeing and hearing motivational messages that inspire you to go farther than you ever imagined. With GFI, you CAN reach the unreachable!

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