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Glorified Fitness Incorporated (GFI) is a way to REACH THE UNREACHABLE. The scope of this concept is as wide or as narrow as an individual wants it to be. For some, it could mean getting into shape and finally being able to bend over and REACH their toes, or going even farther to REACH the finish line in a marathon! For others, it can mean working to REACH new heights in their academic skills, striving to REACH a 4.0 GPA, or going even farther to REACH a membership in the National or International Honor Society. Even others may use it to describe their efforts to REACH the next level in God, or going even farther to REACH a level in ministry that only God has ordained. Whatever the case may be, GFI can help you REACH THE UNREACHABLE!

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I passed my 6-month goal weight! I’m ahead of the game! Time for a new goal! I am still losing weight when I miss a workout day. I’m glad I can continue with virtual workout sessions during my decision to stay away from the gym while I deal with being exposed to COVID.


The classes have been kicking my butt! I be feeling like I can’t make it to the end, but I gotta push through! The messages on the wall keep telling me to push through, I can do it, I’m stronger than I believe! So, there is motivation to keep going. I keep coming back because … Continue reading Jessica


I like working out, doing work on my computer, and hanging out with my grandma, my sister, and my mom. I also like hanging out with my tutor, my aunt, in the GFI Learning Center. I am doing iReady, Epic Books, and Google Classroom in the Learning Center. Come on and work out with us … Continue reading Jay-8


I like anime, I am on the basketball team, and I am going to high school this year. I think the GFI Learning Center is cool. I have been doing tutoring and if I need help in high school, I will do more tutoring. What I like best is that the tutor is really chill … Continue reading Skyler-14

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