Book Report??


Welcome back! I am so glad you decided to stop by! This one is a bit off the beaten path, but I thought it might be interesting. If not, oh well… 😊

I had a thought that came to me yesterday when a college student mentioned to me that they had to write a book report. I began to wonder if any student in history ever decided to write a book report on the best book ever written, the Holy Bible… I know that sometimes the book is chosen for the student, or perhaps there is a list of options that are provided. However, I am sure there are times where the student is given the option to choose any book, within certain guidelines, like a minimum number of pages. Well, the holy bible fits the bill. However, I do understand why it would not be an ideal choice, given that the student AND the teacher would probably need to STUDY the bible for understanding before they could actually write and read a book report.

On the other hand, I think it would be fascinating! There is romance, drama, war, sex, lies, and murder. There is hope and encouragement, as well as instructions, directions, and corrections on how to live a prosperous life, like a self-help book, except that you help yourself by going to the source of all power and knowledge. I guess the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that it would take a really gifted person to write a book report about the Holy Bible because it covers so many subject areas. It is quite deep and encompasses everything humans ever have or ever will encounter.

Here’s an idea! How about a class at a bible college that has each student select a subject area, and then find details about it in the Holy Bible and write a report about that? I mentioned a bible college because I am certain that no teacher in a regular school would be allowed to even talk about the Holy Bible. Perhaps it could work at a Christian high school, private of course…  I am inclined to write a book report on the Holy Bible myself, and I am no longer in school!


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