Fitness Tips – Day 4 (Dumbbells)

Today’s fitness tips are focused on using dumbbells for extra weight. Many of the exercise tips for today are combination moves. Keep in mind, these moves are not all-inclusive, meaning there are plenty of other exercises that are not mentioned. These are just meant to give you some moves to try. You can combine them together, or combine them with moves for other body parts. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to WARM UP FIRST. We will be doing a video later that talks about different ways to warm up your muscles.

The attached video has the following dumbbell exercise options:

  • Chest squeeze to overhead press
  • Bicep curl up to hammer curl down
  • Hammer curls with elbow bent and straight arm
  • Hammer curl with both arms, alternating arms, and reciprocal arms
  • Triceps kickbacks
  • Overhead triceps curls
  • Alternating front raise with side shoulder raise
  • Shoulder raise with arms bent – both, alternating, reciprocal
  • Shoulder shrugs to squats
  • Bent over rows – both arms, alternating arms
  • Wide arm dumbbell Rows (hold them like a barbell)
  • Row with twist in a split stance
  • Reverse fly
  • Water bucket rows
  • Shot put
  • Single-arm dumbbell row with hand and knee on bench
  • Overhead press on a bench
  • Dumbbell French press on bench
  • Chest press on bench

Stay tuned next time for a segment on stretching exercises for flexibility and balance.


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