Fitness Tips – Day 16 (Strength Training Machines

Today’s fitness tips are targeting exercises you can do on different strength training machines. Keep in mind, these moves are not all-inclusive, meaning there are plenty of other exercises that are not mentioned. These are just meant to give you some workouts to try.

The below video has the following workout tips:

Leg Machine

  • Leg Extensions
  • Leg Curls

Adjustable Bench

  • Adjust the bench
  • Straight up support for overhead press
  • Sit Ups w/ foot support
  • Crunches w/ weights
  • Seated Bicep Curls w/ weights

Circuit Training

  • Triceps pull down
  • Lat pulls
  • Forearm pulldowns
  • Twist Across
  • Fly pulls
  • Leg push backs
  • Inner thigh pulls
  • Outer thigh pulls
  • Pull ups (point only)

Battle Ropes

  • Alternating arms
  • Double pull
  • Jumping Jacks
Strength Training

This concludes our series on Daily Fitness Tips. Stay tuned for other content coming soon!


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