The Missing Piece

Welcome back! Thanks for stopping by! Today, we want to share with you the missing piece from the Armor of God that we talked about in our last message. We want to make sure you truly are ready for battle, so we are giving you ALL of the tools you will need to succeed.

Previously, we mentioned the following pieces of armor:

  • Belt of Truth (holds everything together)
  • Breastplate of Righteousness (protects your vital organs and keeps you alive)
  • Preparation of the Gospel of Peace (gives you a solid foundation upon which to stand)
  • Shield of Faith (keeps you from being burned alive)
  • Helmet of Salvation (protects your mind from being infiltrated)
  • Sword of the Spirit (a precision instrument you can use when you come face to face with the enemy)

However, there is one missing piece! You need to ALWAYS PRAY! (Ephesians 6:18)

In case you are saying right now that you don’t know HOW to pray, let me help you out. There is no set WAY to pray, other than talking to God sincerely from your heart. He already knows everything. He just wants to hear it from you. He wants you to tell Him about your pain and heartache. He wants you to share with Him your joy and happiness. He wants you to TALK to Him in sincerity and in truth. He wants you to let go of the things that concern you. Think about this… When people talk to a therapist, or anyone with a listening ear, they feel so much better once they get it all out in the open, once they get it off their chest. God wants to be your counsellor. He is the great physician who can heal your heart, your mind, your body, and your soul. You just need to talk to Him about what you need. You need to build that relationship with Him, so you never feel alone.

There are two types of prayer we need to engage in daily, multiple times per day.

  1. Prayers of Worship
  2. Prayers of Request

Let me break down what this means. Prayers of Worship are where we seek the face of God and worship Him in the Spirit. This is not where we ask God for anything. This is where we surrender our ALL to Him and praise His name for His goodness that is unsearchable, His grace that is sufficient, and His mercy that is everlasting and new every morning. Our God is great and greatly to be praised! Hallelujah! We worship Him in the beauty of Holiness, setting ourselves apart from the things of this world, and entering into His presence. We do this before we ASK for anything. We do this to reverence his sovereignty. Even if you do not believe in God, it is OK, because GOD BELIEVES IN YOU! GOD LOVES YOU! God wants what is BEST for you! When you seek His face and come into His presence, you are assured that He is with you in the battle. You are assured that He is with you outside of the battle. He will never leave you nor forsake you when you pray.

Once we are worshipping God in the Spirit, then we bring our supplications, or requests. We cast our cares upon Him, and He will bare them upon His massive shoulders. Remember to not only ask God for yourself, but we need to take this opportunity to pray for others. We need to intercede for our brothers and sisters in Christ. We need to pray for others because others have prayed for us. This is not a time to be selfish. Of course, we can ask God to help us with our own needs, AND we need to remember to ask God for the needs of our family members, our friends, our brothers and sisters, our parents, our children, our enemies! Yes, we need to be praying for our enemies to repent and turn their lives over to God because He is “not willing that any should perish” (2 Peter 3:9). Of course, there is some wickedness that will never turn to God, but we don’t know who God has chosen, so we must pray for them all. No one could have imagined that Saul of Tarshish would be anything other than a killer of Christians, but Jesus stopped him in his tracks, blinded him, then turned him into a committed Christian, following Christ to a total transformation that he willingly upheld until the day he himself was persecuted.

God has an innate way of turning things around and flipping them upside down, but we have to PRAY without ceasing. We have to worship God and pray for each other. That is the final piece of the armor. Don’ go into battle with this piece missing.


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