Identity Crisis

Who am I?

I want to talk about identity crisis. What is an identity crisis? Well, your identity is who you are, and the online dictionary defines a crisis as a time when a difficult or important decision must be made. With that information, it sounds like an identity crisis, simply put, is a time when you have to decide who you are. Wow, I would say that is definitely important and can be very difficult if you don’t know who you are. A website called Very Well Mind defines identity crisis as a developmental event that involves a person questioning their sense of self or place in the world. Now, I like this definition because it speaks to the fact that who you are was already decided for you. And when you develop to a point where you have an identity crisis, now you’re questioning that decision. The question people SHOULD be asking is who or what decided their identity. Instead, they’re focused on what defines them. It’s like they want to be put in a dictionary so they can find a definition of who they are. Now, before I share what identifies or defines me, I want you to think about what makes you who you are. There’s a difference between WHO you are and WHAT you are. WHO you are is based on your identity. On the other hand, WHAT you are depends on your relationship to others. Let me give you some examples in terms of identity.

Think about a birth certificate. I was going to use an ID card since that stands for identity card, but people can change the information on those very easily. So, I’m going to use a birth certificate as my example for identity. For the most part, your birth certificate never changes. Your birth certificate certifies who you are. As soon as you’re in the world, you could be identified by your birth certificate. No matter what you do to alter your appearance, it will not change who you were when you were born. Now I know this is a controversial topic, and I’m sure that someone will disagree with me, but there’s truly no argument here. I’m stating facts that are irrefutable. Yes, I know there are people who take a feeling or a lifestyle and choose that as their identity, and go so far as to say I was born that way. But if their birth certificate doesn’t say they were born that way, then they’re just mistaken and confused, and I pray that they seek the truth and find Him. Yes, I said “Him” because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. That means there’s no other way, no other truth and no other life that we should be seeking. Let that marinate for a moment. In the meantime, I’ll give you some examples of WHAT you are or can be.

Like I said, it depends on your relationship to others. What I am at 5:00 in the morning is different from what I am at 10 am. At 5 am, I’m a receptionist at GFI. However, at 10 am, I transition into being the boss because I have employees who come to work. On Sunday morning at 9:00 am, I’m a praise leader at my church. However, at 10 am, I transition to being a Deaconess. At different points in my life, WHAT I was changed, and did not change back. I was a daughter, a wife, a mother, an employee, a manager, a team leader, a boss. Do you see what I mean? Saying I was a daughter reminded me of something. Am I still a daughter, even though both of my parents have passed away? I found my answer! Yes, I’m still a daughter because my father in heaven, the one who created me, is alive and well. I’m glad I got the revelation on that one! I wonder if anyone else has ever had that question. If so, I just answered it for you. You’re welcome. Now, in case someone’s confused by what I just said. “If” and that’s a big if, “if” you are a child of the true and living God, then you will always be a son or daughter, no matter the state of your earthly parents. Ok, let’s get back on track since WHAT you are can always change.

I want to talk about your identity and WHO you are. What defines you? I’ve heard many people say, “I identify as this or that.” Well, now they’ve twisted their identity. They’re letting their circumstances define who they are. They’ve developed an identity crisis. For those of you listening to this, what defines you?

Are you defined by the mistakes of your past? We all make mistakes and there’s never just one mistake that we will make during our lifetime. So, if you allow your mistakes to define who you are, you’ll never be confident in your identity because you’ll actually start to believe that you yourself are a mistake. Well, that’s not logical or practical because we all have the same creator, and he does not make mistakes. So, you will NEVER be a mistake, no matter what you think!

Are you defined by what other people think or say about you? That’s a very dangerous thing to do because people can be very opinionated, and the opinions of people are very different and biased. That’s because our opinions are based on our own experiences and thoughts. And let’s face it, not everyone goes through the same thing, and not everyone thinks the same way. Even the Bible says the God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. So even God’s thoughts are different. Besides, why should it matter to you what other people think or say? Are their thoughts going to make your life better? If not, their thoughts should not be held in high regard.

I had a revelation when I turned 50. I realized that I am half a century old, so why should I care what other people think of me? They don’t rule my life and they cannot change my destiny. Only my creator and heavenly father controls my life and destiny. Let that sink in for a moment.

Here’s a good one. Are you defined by your negative thoughts of yourself? Many times, we exaggerate what we see when we look in the mirror. It happens whether we see something good or something bad. Unfortunately, many of us focus on the bad and it becomes our identity. However, we need to see ourselves the way God sees us. After all, we’re created in his image, so we are inherently fabulous. Now, don’t let your negative, unrealistic thoughts define you on the other side of the spectrum. Don’t think you’re so good that you’re better than other people. The Bible says that we all have sinned and come short of God’s glory. That means we’re all in the same boat. One person is not better than another because without the sacrifice of Jesus, we will all end up in the same place. Jesus said in the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke that even He is not good. He says no one is good except God. Now, are you better than Jesus? I think not.

Last one. Are you defined by your creator? My identity comes from my creator. My father God is the only one who can define me. And He did it before I was formed in my mother’s womb. That’s right. My parents didn’t create me. They were merely a part of the birthing process. God used them to bring His creation about. My birth certificate records what was seen on the outside when I was born. But that’s not the totality of who I am. That is part of the reason why people develop an identity crisis. They’re focused on outward appearances and how their body and mind have developed. They’re not looking at the core of their being, the core that God placed in them, that truly identifies WHO they are. When we’re little children, it is God’s desire for our earthly fathers to lead us down the path to our true identity in Christ. We see our identity of man defined in Genesis 5:2, which is in the Old Testament before sin entered the world, and before Jesus sacrificed his life to save us all from sin. Now I want to clarify that and explain it a little more in a minute. But first, I want to explain Genesis 5:2. It means that when a man and woman get married, the wife finds her identity in her husband, who in turn finds his identity in God.

It says He (He being God) called them Adam. God gave Adam his identity, and he passed the identity from God along to his wife, and they were one with their identity coming from God. After sin entered the world in Genesis chapter 3, things started to change. One thing that changed was that people began to lose sight of their identity. Now, I won’t go into all the ways that this happened in the Bible, but I will continue to focus on today and how many people have lost sight of their identity. And they’re trying to use the themes of this wicked world to define who they are instead of getting their identity from God.

Wherever you find yourself in life, you can rest assured that we are whomever God says we are. So, who does God say you are? He tells us in 1 Peter 2:9. He says “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” This is my identity, and I hope it is yours as well. Come into the light so you can clearly see yourself as God sees you. And when it says peculiar people, don’t think of that as strange. A peculiar people means you’re selected, you’re set apart, you’re not like everybody else, you’re unique. That’s what that means. Again, this is my identity, and I hope it is yours as well.

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