My New Path


Hello again. Are you ready to pick back up where we left off (before the pause to give thanks)? Let’s just jump right back in there…

After following so many paths that were not right for me, I am finally following a path that is leading to a better relationship with God. Today I want to talk about the new path that God has me on.

It all started about 6 years ago when God showed me a vision while I was working out on a treadmill at Life Time Fitness. I remember it like it was yesterday… God showed me that He wanted me to start a fitness center for His people. Now, you may be wondering why I say this is a NEW path if God showed me this path 6 years ago!

Well, I did try to start down that path back in 2011, but I did not get very far. Like a lot of people, I was not very good at stepping out of my comfort zone, so I ended up going back to what I was more familiar with… However, 2017 has proven to be the year for change, and it was confirmed at the very beginning of the year when my Pastor proclaimed it to be the “Year of Transition” for our church family. Since then I have embarked on not one, but 2 new paths. However, today, I want to focus on the one that started in 2011. You will have to read my next blog to find out about the other one…

This new path has been the most challenging yet! Once God stirred up my spirit about the vision He gave me, I spent months in prayer and fasting to see how I could be obedient. I have been working in IT for nearly 30 years, so this new path is totally out of my comfort zone. As a result, I was pondering how I would be able to do both! However, God being the omniscient (all-knowing) God that he is, reminded me that his thoughts are not our thoughts. He let me know that I cannot, and will not, do both. So, guess what happened next!

You guessed it! I left my IT job so that I can walk in obedience and fulfill the vision that God placed in my heart. The challenge has come because I went from the IT industry to the Fitness industry. For me, that was the ultimate transition! First of all, I know next to nothing about starting a business, and second of all, I am not familiar with the Fitness industry, other than knowing that fitness is a very necessary part of a healthy life. Perhaps that was all I needed to know, for me to develop a deep passion for it.

I am so very excited about helping God’s people get into shape. However, I am not just talking about their bodies, but also their minds and their spirit. The vision that God gave me has led me on the path to Glorified Fitness Incorporated (GFI), where we will be helping God’s people REACH THE UNREACHABLE in their physical, mental, and spiritual fitness. We are taking not just individuals, but whole communities from “typical” fitness to GLORIFIED fitness!

Please stay tuned for more details on this new path, including the hills, the valleys, and the challenges to remain on the straight and narrow… Until we meet again, I pray blessings for your life!

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