A Season of Thanksgiving

30 days of Thanks

I want to pause for a moment, and thank God for my many blessings, including the journey that I am currently on. I want to encourage all of my readers to use the month of November to reflect on your many blessings. If you know anything about God, I am sure that you can find thankfulness in each item in this list. Perhaps there are other areas in your life where you are blessed. I noticed that this list does not mention finances or wealth. I believe that is because not everyone is blessed in that area. However, EVERYONE can find a blessing in every area that is listed here. I know that many times in life, we don’t see a blessing in these areas, but I am sure that at some point in your life, you can say you were blessed by one of them. At the very least, you can say that you are thankful that it exists and you look forward to the day when you can experience it for yourself.

I want to touch on a couple of blessings that I have mentioned already on other social media platforms (since this is day 9). On day 7, I talked about being thankful for my Faith in God because it gives me hope for a future without pain and suffering, as well as hope that whatever we are going through right now, it will not last forever. There is a time and season for everything and this too shall pass. While some people may be feeling hopeless right now, hope does exist and it is available to them. All they need to do is cry out to God and he will hear them and offer them that hope free of charge. How about you, will you receive some free hope today?

On day 8, I talked about being thankful for memories, good and bad, because it allows me to reflect on my life and see that despite all of the bad things that have happened, I am still very blessed. Perhaps you are in a bad situation right now. Well guess what! You are still blessed because you are able to read this message. 1- you CAN read, 2- you have a means to access what you are reading, 3- you are ALIVE to read, 4- you have your sight, shall I continue? Even if you say that you are not reading it because you can’t, but someone is reading it to you, that means 1- You have your hearing, 2- you have someone who cares enough to read to you, 3- you have someone who cares enough to inspire you (that one applies regardless because I CARE enough to inspire you), 4- You are alive to hear it. Oh, you thought I was done?? 🙂

My point is this. It is EASY to see the bad in our lives. That is the nature of the world we live in. However, I am truly thankful that the bad is not all there is. If you pause with me and take a moment to reflect, I am sure that you will be able to see the blessings and count them and realize that you do have more good than bad in your life. Can you also see that you ARE a blessing? At the end of the day, I thank God for YOU because you took the time to stop and read what I have to say, and I pray that this message will inspire you to count your blessings.

I hope you come back again to learn more about the new path that God has me following. Until we meet again, I pray blessings for your life!

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