Welcome back! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a blessed Christmas! I was able to spend quality time with family, so I definitely count that as a blessing!

As we continue to talk about taking care of our health, today I will be discussing why it is important to STRETCH those muscles…

I know that many of us do not see stretching as a major part of exercise. However, stretching is key for any optimized exercise routine! According to the Mayo Clinic, stretching can help improve flexibility, and, consequently, range of motion about your joints. Better flexibility may:

  • Improve your performance in physical activities
  • Decrease your risk of injuries
  • Help your joints move through their full range of motion
  • Enable your muscles to work most effectively

Stretching also increases blood flow to your muscles. Besides, you just might enjoy the ritual of stretching before or after your favorite activity, like hiking, ballet, or a sport, such as soccer.

According to the Harvard Health website… Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. Then, when you call on the muscles for activity, they are weak and unable to extend all the way.

Here are 5 benefits to stretching:

  1. Stretching increases strength by improving circulation and blood flow to the muscles
  2. Stretching is the most effective way to improve flexibility.
  3. Stretching is good for your circulation
  4. Stretching reduces stress
  5. Stretching can increase your range of motion

So, don’t knock it until you have tried it! I have learned personally that stretching is an exercise within itself. It makes me sweat, so it is an acceptable form of exercise… Just try some of the everyday stretches I have listed below! Until we meet again, I pray blessings for your life!

Everyday Stretches


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