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In the world of customer service, one must inevitably conclude that not all customers will be satisfied. The customer service representative (CSR) must realize this, and the customer must realize this. This is due to several factors, including the limitation of the CSR, the feasibility of the customer’s request, and any extenuating circumstances that have led to the interaction between the customer and the CSR.

For examples…

Regarding the limitation of the CSR, if a customer calls in asking for a refund and the CSR is not authorized to issue one, the customer is not going to be satisfied. Perhaps the CSR’s only function is to answer the call, note the customer’s request, and then transfer the customer to another CSR who does have the capability to issue a refund. In this process, the customer will most likely complain that they are being “passed around” and their satisfaction level at this point has diminished.

This leads me to the next example regarding the feasibility of the customer’s request. In this same scenario where the customer has asked for a refund, perhaps they want their shipping costs refunded for an item they purchased, but decided they no longer want or need. Returning the item would mean that someone would need to be paid to put the item back on the shelf so that someone else can purchase it. That is where a re-stocking fee usually applies. If the customer is issued a refund for shipping, now the company is losing even more money because they must pay someone to re-stock the item. Of course, the customer does not care about all of that. They just know they paid for an item, including shipping, and they want all of their money back because they changed their mind. Consequently, if the CSR says they can only reimburse the customer for the cost of the item itself, the customer is not going to be satisfied.

This leads me to my last example regarding any extenuating circumstances that have led to the interaction between the customer and the CSR. Continuing with the scenario of the customer who calls in to request a refund of an item they no longer want or need. Perhaps the customer was clearly explained the return policy and the company recorded the conversation, with the customer’s permission, where the customer agreed to the policy. Let’s say the policy included a time limit where the customer has 14 days to return the item from the date the item is received. Let’s also say that the policy mentioned that shipping charges are non-refundable, most likely because the customer was only charged the carrier’s fee (e.g. UPS). In any case, the customer calls on day 15 and says they want to return the item. At this point, the CSR may make an exception because they only missed the deadline by one day. However, because the CSR cannot refund the shipping charges, the customer is still not satisfied.

In this day and age, we must realize that we will not always be satisfied with our experiences in life. There must come a point in your life where you are content with the hand that you have been dealt. Otherwise, you will never live in peace and you will never find the joy that comes from knowing that there is satisfaction in the important parts of your life. If you know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, then you know exactly what I am talking about. However, if you do not know Jesus like that, and you struggle to see any satisfaction in your life, I encourage you to get to know Him. A relationship with Jesus Christ will include daily satisfaction and a hope for eternal glory in the Kingdom of the Most High God. If you become a customer of Glorified Fitness Incorporated, you will come to know that peace and joy that I spoke about. You will most definitely be a satisfied customer. Of course, I added “most” because I have already realized a long time ago that not all customers will be satisfied. However, God can keep the dissatisfaction very low…

I hope this message helped you today. Until we meet again, I pray blessings for your life!


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