BETTER Series (4 of 4): A Better YOU!

Better You

Welcome back! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have enjoyed our series on BETTER! Just to recap, we talked about a better way, a better place, and a better time. If you missed any, please feel free to go back and review our past Blog posts…

To conclude our series on BETTER, today I want to let you know there is A BETTER YOU just waiting to break through!

First, I want to let you know that a better YOU can happen when you stop letting other people negatively impact your life. This world is filled with negativity, but it can only affect you when you respond to it the wrong way. Yes, this may be easier said than done for some people, but I have learned myself that it is possible. All it takes is having the Holy Spirit of God on the inside of you, ruling your life. Jesus did it, and He is our example, so as I strive to be like Him, I am able to do the things He did. I also must let you know that before I truly surrendered my life to Christ, it was very difficult to shake the negativity of this world, and I failed at it daily! Instead of letting negativity bounce off me, I absorbed it into my spirit and became negative as well. Then as time went on and I studied the Word of God more, and became closer to God by seeking His face, I began to realize I did not have to respond to the negativity by taking it in. On the contrary, that was the worst thing I could ever do! I learned that I need to guard my heart and protect it from those things of this world that tend to tear us down and move us further away from God’s grace and mercy. To help with this process, we need to separate ourselves from the negative people. Yes, I realize this could be close family members, but this is still a necessary step. Unless you have the power to change their perspective, you need to separate yourself from them. Of course, they are not going to like that. They are going to judge you for being holier than thou. However, their response should not deter you from doing what is needed to guard your heart. At the end of the day, YOU are responsible for the actions you take to secure your place in eternity, whether that be with the Father in Heaven, or with the devil in the Lake of Fire… You probably thought I was going to say “with the devil in hell,” didn’t you? Well, I am here to tell you that hell is NOT the final destination. In actuality, hell will be thrown into the Lake of Fire and that will be the eternal resting place for the unrighteous… What I am trying to say is that becoming a better YOU will not only benefit you in THIS life, but it will secure your place in heaven for eternity.

Next, I want to talk about the better YOU that can happen when you get closer to God. I mentioned my personal journey where I shifted my focus to get closer to God, and I am here to tell you that you can do the same! EVERYTHING is better when you add God to the equation. I would venture to say that is because He made us and when we recognize Him as our creator and we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, we become pleasing in his sight and his love can be felt all the more! I mean, His love has ALWAYS been there, but when we start to live our lives accepting His love and showing appreciation for it, we become more aware of its significance. There is no greater love than sacrificing your life for someone else to live. Jesus died for us and even greater is that God sacrificed his only begotten son for us. How many of you would sacrifice your only offspring for someone who will not appreciate it? After we turned our backs on God as a people, He still went above and beyond to bring us back to Him. All we have to do is accept His sacrifice and allow Him to be Lord over us. He will gladly lead, guide, and direct us unto righteousness so that we can secure our name in the Lamb’s Book of Life, so we can secure our place in His Kingdom in Heaven. The better YOU that God has for you is within your reach. You just need to embrace it!

Sometimes, we are resistant to changing for God. When that happens, God may become persistent. Have you ever remodeled a house? Before the remodel, the house is just ok. Then you must tear down some things to remodel the house, but when the work is complete, the house is so much better than it was before the remodel began. Similarly, when you resist what God is trying to do for you, He may step in and tear you down because He wants to make a BETTER YOU. We may be going along thinking we are ok, but once God tears us down, and then works to build us back up, the result is so much better than we ever imagined! God does not stop there… The bible tells us that when Jesus comes back to get us (His Church), we will be changed and receive glorified bodies that will no longer die. We will no longer feel pain or experience heartache. No more tears or sorrow. That will be the ultimate transition into a BETTER YOU!

Finally, I want to talk about the better YOU that can happen right here in Columbus, Ohio! There is a new kind of fitness facility called Glorified Fitness Incorporated (GFI). Now this is not your typical fitness, as the name suggests. It is GLORIFIED Fitness! Here at GFI, we are breaking away from typical fitness and providing something BETTER! We are taking a holistic approach to fitness that will improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health, essentially improving your whole self, resulting in a BETTER YOU! At GFI, you can REACH THE UNREACHABLE in you physical, mental, and spiritual fitness. Your physical self will become leaner and fit by trimming away excess fat and building a stronger body. God sees our bodies as temples that house His Holy Spirit. We need to take care of it! Next, your mental self will become more intelligent as you learn new things, or learn how to remember old things. When you stop learning, you essentially stop living. You must continue to move forward and do not become stuck in the now because today will soon become yesterday where old things pass away. If God wanted us to live in the past, He would not give us new mercies every day! We must continue to learn and grow. Finally, your spiritual self will be enriched as you hear and see the inspirational and motivational music and messages that will fill your spirit at GFI.  This spiritual aspect will round out the efforts to get your whole self in shape. It will bring you closer to God by reminding you who He is and by sharing with you how He can help you reach your better YOU. Once you become acquainted with GFI, you will experience a shift in your thought process as you begin to understand that YOU TOO can REACH THE UNREACHABLE that may be keeping you from your better YOU!

I hope this series on BETTER was a help to someone! Until we meet again, I pray blessings for your life!


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