Age Does Matter!

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Have you noticed that most exercise products tell you they can handle ANY fitness LEVEL, but they do not mention ANY AGE? That is because as we age, we need to change our fitness regimen, especially if we are not already fit, if we are new to exercise, or if we have not exercised in a while and we want to get back into it. AGE DOES MATTER!

Have you noticed that a lot of the upbeat, fast-paced workout videos have younger people in them? That is because it is MADE FOR the YOUNGER demographic! Unless there is an older FIT person available, you will not see older people working out like that! How many people over 40 do you know who are taking Zumba classes? What is their fitness level? If they are doing it and are not already fit, they are merely hurting themselves, and they are likely not seeing the results they hoped for.

I learned a few things lately. One is that I need to stop trying to lose weight using the Hip Hop Abs videos!! More than one resource has confirmed for me that, at my age, that is NOT the exercise for me!! So, I will be passing that along to my children…

Here is one video I found:

View additional content from Shaun Hadsall here:

Age Matters 1

Here is a story I found…

Exercise suggestions for women over 40…Best Workout

Exercise suggestions for men over 40…


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