Fitness Tips – Day 6 (Chair Exercises)

In honor of desk jobs everywhere, today’s fitness tips are targeting exercises that can be performed while sitting in a chair. Just because you are stuck sitting in a chair all day, it does not mean you have to stop making progress on your fitness journey. We have come to the rescue with some exercises you can do without leaving your chair.

With these exercises, you can use your own body weight for resistance. Keep in mind, these moves are not all-inclusive, meaning there are plenty of other exercises that are not mentioned. These are just meant to give you some moves to try.

The attached video has the following exercise options:

  • Chest squeeze
  • Overhead press with palms facing upward
  • Overhead triceps curls
  • Fold/Unfold arms at shoulder height with palms facing down
  • Windshield wiper arms with palms facing forward and arms at shoulder height
  • Jack Arms with palms facing forward or with a clap at the top
  • Bicep curls with single or double arms
  • Bend overs
  • Knee Lifts
  • Leg lifts with toes pointed
  • Leg lifts with heel pointed and toes flexed
  • Edge of Chair Cheers

Stay tuned next time for a segment on kettlebell exercises.


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