Reach the Unreachable – part 2 of 3


Welcome back! This is part 2 of my series on REACH THE UNREACHABLE. Today, I want to talk about mental fitness and how it ties into my journey.

Of course, education is a big part of life. You start with nursery school, then move on to Pre-K, then to the milestone known as Kindergarten. From there, you have Elementary school for the next 5 years, then Middle School for 3 years, or Junior High, depending on where you are from. In most places in the USA, this concludes primary education. Then you have the milestone where you enter secondary education known as High School, or Senior High, depending on where you are from. Secondary education lasts for 4 long years, as described by the students…

Then everyone is excited about the college that will be a new home for the next 4 years as they patiently, or impatiently, wait for the acceptance letter. This starts what is known as post-secondary education and can end in a Bachelor’s Degree after 4 years. However, not everyone takes this route and leaves home right after high school. Some may choose to attend a community college and seek an Associate’s Degree after 2 years, and may or may not pursue the 4-year Bachelor’s degree. Some don’t stop there; they go on to receive a Master’s degree in another year or two. Then we have the really ambitious students who go even farther and may attend medical school to receive a doctorate and become a Doctor, or law school to receive a law degree and become a Lawyer.

Whatever the academic career, it will take mental fitness to achieve educational goals. Unfortunately, some people make these goals and feel like they are unreachable due to struggling with their understanding of the course materials. This is where good tutoring can help to strengthen the mental muscles. On my journey to Glorified Fitness, I have learned that you can REACH THE UNREACHABLE with mental fitness by utilizing the Learning Center at Glorified Fitness Incorporated (GFI). We offer online tutoring in various subject areas, as well as in-person tutoring for individuals or groups. We can help you get over the homework hump and help you better understand your course materials.

This is not just for students! Parents who want to actively help their children with their homework, can also benefit from GFI tutoring. If it seems like they have some new-fangled math they are teaching your children these days, don’t fret! If your goal is to be able to understand that new-fangled math so you can help your children, then you have come to the right place because GFI can help you reach those goals as well!

If you are ready to REACH THE UNREACHABLE with your mental fitness goals, continue to follow my journey as we unlock your potential so that your whole self can be fit. #GlorifiefFitness

Until we meet again, I pray blessings for your life! Merry Christmas!


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