Door to Door Salesmen


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I recently had a random thought about door to door salesmen. A lot of people say they hate door to door salesmen, but I don’t hate them. I understand that they have a job to do, a quota to meet, a goal to reach. However, if they come by my way, I must tell them that unless they are coming to buy my house and get me out of debt, they may as well keep on walking past my door!

However, that is not the reason I want to talk about door to door salesmen today. I am sure you know by now that unless I am talking about a fitness topic, my blogs tend to focus on being a Christian. Let’s face it! That is just who I am! You may be wondering: How does Christianity apply to a door to door salesman? I am glad you asked!

As I mentioned, door to door salesmen have a job to do, a quota to meet, and a goal to reach. While the Christian may not have a set quota to meet, we are expected to build the kingdom of God by reaching the lost and leading them towards Christ. That is the common goal of Christians everywhere! Regarding the job we have to do, we are to be about our Father’s business, preaching and teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. As we tell people about the hope of an eternal Kingdom with God, we can let them know that Jesus is the way to get there. Perhaps you can call us “heart to heart” salesmen!

One other thing that comes to mind with door to door salesmen is their drive and determination. They are knocking on doors without knowing what the answer will be. When they face rejection or no answer, they do not let that deter them. They move on to the next one, knowing that eventually they will be successful. They are committed to their success and it seems that nothing can stop them! They have courage, and they are able to encourage themselves!

How much more should the Christian be in their efforts to win souls for the Kingdom? Sometimes it seems that we are easily defeated, even though we have the power of GOD behind us! In my opinion, if someone can push for success using their fleshly desires, we as Christians should be able to push for success using our godly desires and be even more successful! There are 26 bible verses telling us to be courageous. There are 3 bible verses prompting us too encourage ourselves.

My point is this: As a Christian, we should (in some sense) have the drive and determination of a door to door salesman when it comes to winning souls for the kingdom. We should not let rejection stop us. We should not let an unanswered call or knock stop us. We should not let ANYTHING stop us from being about our Father’s business! God has equipped us to be strong and courageous! God has equipped us to encourage ourselves! We can be heart to heart salesmen because God has equipped us to do this! Let’s go!


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