Fitness Tips – Day 11 (Steps)

Today’s fitness tips are targeting step exercises. Keep in mind, these moves are not all-inclusive, meaning there are plenty of other exercises that are not mentioned. These are just meant to give you some moves to try. You can combine them together, use modifications, or mix them up. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to WARM UP FIRST. If you want some ideas on warmup moves, we already did a video on that! Check out our blog post here, which includes the video. You can also watch the warmup video on YouTubeInstagram, and Facebook.

The below video has the following exercise options:

  • Step up and down leading with right foot for 8-12 repetitions, then switch to left foot
  • Alternating step with knee lift
  • Knee lifts with 8-12 repetitions before switching legs
  • Alternating Butt Kicker
  • Side hops
  • Front Lunge
  • Back Lunge
  • Plyometric Jumps

Stay tuned next time for a segment on resistance tube exercises.


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